AMD Ryzen 5 desktop processors are now globally available

Michael Cottuli

AMD has been something of an underdog in the world of gaming hardware for a while, often being overlooked in favor of NVIDIA by a large portion of gamers. The newest piece of hardware from AMD aims to fix that, bringing to the table a new, fairly cost-effective processor that promises to be one of the strongest out there.

The new processor, called Ryzen 5, is available globally today, going for up to $500 for those who are looking for the most future-proof model. You can pick it up at most tech hardware retailers, including the usuals like Amazon. If you’d like to check out your options for getting one of these, AMD has a nice list of them on their website.

Time will tell how Ryzen 5 ends up stacking up to other processors that people have to choose from, but early adopters have something pretty promising on their hands. By all accounts, it ought to be one of the most impressive things to come out of AMD in a while.