AMD E-350 and Intel Core i3-2100T take energy efficiency to new levels


Ever since the introduction of the Intel Atom, we have seen a boom of energy efficient x86 processors without the high price tag attached. What used to be limited to premium ultra low voltage processors is now available for the general consumer at affordable prices. X-bit labs takes AMD’s E-350 and Intel’s Core i3-2100T for a spin to determine the potential of such systems.

Users focused on the lowest price will no doubt admire AMD’s E-350 platform. At just over $100, AMD offers a system with decent performance that can playback HD content allowing for an inexpensive HTPC build. However, Intel’s Core i3-2100T delivers 3-4 times the performance thanks to its Sandy Bridge microarchitecture and is able to compete with AMD’s platform on power consumption. Idling at less than 10 watts and less than 40 watts when under full load, Intel’s platform delivers extreme efficiency without compromising on performance. While the system may not be the most ideal for gaming, Intel’s HD Graphics is able to easily handle any HD playback and any desktop applications. Combined with a Mini-ITX motherboard, building a small, quiet running desktop or HTPC that can deliver the performance of previous high-end processors is now easily possible…

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