AMD Catalyst drivers now supporting Windows 10 upgrades

Staff Writer

AMD Software

If you’ve just upgraded your PC for free to Windows 10 and it uses an AMD graphics card, you’ll want to update to the latest AMD drivers. Earlier this month we reported AMD’s announcement that they were supporting Windows 10 with Catalyst 15.7. Today AMD have confirmed via  a Twitter post that the latest release of their Catalyst driver update software now supports Windows 10 PCs:

Understandably there have been a few glitches with the Windows 10 roll out today. Some users have been having issues with not receiving the update yet and others have complained of missing or broken drivers. So, if you’ve got Windows 10 Retail installed, then you’re doing well and should be good to go.

These drivers have just been released so hopefully they won’t experience the same issues that Nvidia had with their Windows 10 drivers. We covered a workaround for that issue a couple of days ago. We should remember with Windows 10 being new software that bugs, while unwelcome, are to be expected.

Despite some roll out issues, Microsoft is off to a solid start with Windows 10. It’s critical that they work with their graphics card partners to make the transition as smooth as possible.