Amazon’s Windows Phone app will be retired on July 25th

Jack Wilkinson

Following the recent removal of Amazon’s Shopping app from the Windows Store, the company looks set to further abandon the app – by retiring it.

When launching the app on Windows Phone, a message is now being displayed that explains the Windows Phone app will be retired on July 25th, 2016. You are then asked to visit their website to continue using Amazon, as they claim that you will thus get the “newest & best” experience.

Message displayed inside Amazon Shopping app

Whilst the app is not currently available in the Store, users who already have the app installed can continue to use it until July 25th, when we’re not sure what exactly will happen. It seems likely that Amazon will be removing all support for the app, and that it may stop functioning. There have been no announcements other than this message as to what Amazon is planning, whether or not the company is working on a Universal Windows app or providing the reasoning behind the retirement of its current app.

To continue using Amazon on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, you should begin to use the website in your browser, which incidentally offers more features than that of the current app in any event.

We’ve reached out to Amazon for comment and will let you know of any further developments.