Amazon’s product chief Iain Kennedy leaves the company for a similar gig at Microsoft



Amazon’s Iain Kennedy has a found himself a new job. Kennedy who spearheaded product management for the e-commerce giant’s local commerce efforts will now be doing a similar job at Microsoft, according to his LinkedIn bio.

While Kennedy didn’t want to reveal a lot of information about his job just yet – which is rather understandable, we can get some idea about it from the job he left. His team was working on a digital money-transfer service, as well as a digital wallet app for smartphones to buy store gift cards and loyalty card.

Kennedy was apparently also working on  a “set of related, undisclosed, products which will delight billions of customers as they buy and sell things in the real world (as opposed to online).”

So why did he leave Amazon, then? In a direct message to Recode, Kennedy said that he wanted to face new challenges after working for six years with Amazon. “Six years is a long time,” he wrote. “Wanted to solve a new set of problems, learn a new company culture, apply what I had learned.”