Amazon UK now taking pre-orders for Nokia DT-601 charging plate


Nokia DT-601 wireless charging plate picture

Nokia announced a while back that the DT-601, a portable charger, will be added to its accessory lineup. Today, consumers can finally buy the DT-601 from Amazon UK. The DT-601 will be able to add more juice to Lumia smartphones via wireless charging.

The DT-601 replaces the DT-900. It comes in a smaller and lighter body, making it easier to carry. The DT-601’s body will only be 65mm in diameter and 9mm thick. As for how it will be connected, it can draw power via USB or a power outlet.

Users can now get the DT-601 in yellow, cyan, bright red, black, and white for only €39.99 ($54).

Speaking of the DT-900, here is a comparison of the DT-601 and DT-900. The DT-601 is only 65 mm round, 9mm thick, and weighs 55g while the DT-900 is 60mm x 120mm, 11mm thick, and has a weight of 93g. Just like the DT-900, the DT-601 will have a small LED to notify when the phone is charging.

The DT-601 is Qi compatible, which means that any Qi-powered device will be able to be charged with this charger. A new improvement with the DT-601 is that you can use a USB port to power it, while the DT-900 only had the option to plug it in via wall power outlet.

Jaakko Huokkola, the Product Manager for Wireless Charging at Nokia describes the new accessory, “[a] small and round with identical bright colors to what we see in the Lumia family. Because it’s so small and colorful it looks very cute; a bit like a lollipop.”

You can buy the DT-601 off from Amazon UK here. Unfortunately, Amazon UK will have the accessory shipped by early December, so you’re going to have to wait.