Amazon was rumored to buy EA, sent stock shares soaring

Abhinav Fating

Amazon rumored to buy EA

A rumor has been circling online that Amazon could be buying EA.  According to the USA Today story, Amazon will today announce that ‘It has put in a formal offer to acquire EA. USA Today reports that only Amazon but Apple and Disney are also potential buyers.

Amazon itself has a gaming division, but lags far behind the big players Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Amazon buying EA and its studios including EA sports would be a massive acquisition, however, the latest update coming from CNBC sources suggests that the rumors are false.

EA stock shares soared for a bit on the earlier news, but the CNBC news sent stocks back to normal again. Still, rumors continue to swirl around EA, with Microsoft a frequent target of those rumors, although its efforts to pass the Activision / Blizzard acquisition through regulatory hurdles around the world make another huge acquisition unlikely.

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