Amazon refuses to confirm it is working on a Windows 10 app, doesn’t deny it either

Jack Wilkinson

Last week, we announced that Amazon was working on a new app for Windows 10. This information came from both their apps team and multiple customer service representatives. Once again, however, Amazon has reached out to us to discuss the rumours of a Windows 10 app.

This time, Amazon reached out to us directly, in order to inform us that they haven’t officially confirmed plans for a Windows 10 app. It is unclear what Amazon is planning currently, if anything. One moment there are signs of a new app on the way, then those signs get shaken off by someone else at the company.

Amazon is currently looking into why information on a Windows 10 app was disclosed and in the meantime have reiterated their previous statement:

We cannot comment on our product roadmap. The current Amazon App was built on Windows 8 and it does not provide the most customer obsessed experience for Windows 10. We encourage customers to visit in their mobile browser where they will have access to our newest shopping features and customer experience.

It appears that the company has now also reached out to its various customer service teams to inform them not to discuss future product roadmaps, as well as to inform customers that there is no information officially released on a Windows 10 app.