Amazon offering some crazy good deals on SanDisk storage

Mark Coppock

Amazon SanDisk Deal Featured

We can never have enough storage, can we? Whether it’s microSD cards for our smartphones and Surface devices or SSDs for our gaming rigs or (upgradable) notebooks, we’re always running out of room. It’s a good thing, then, that Amazon is offering up some nice deals on SanDisk storage right about now.


Here are some of the better deals on the best-performing SanDisk SSDs:


Here are some of the better deals on SanDisk microSD cards:

Those are the highlights, and note that they’re all Amazon Prime products and so if you’re a Prime member you’ll get your usual 2-day shipping for free. Go to Amazon and check out all of the SanDisk deals on SD cards and USB drives as well. We don’t know how long the deals will be lasting, and so you might want to get clicking if you see anything you like.