Amazon Luna discontinues PC and Mac apps, focusing on web-based gaming experience

Pranav Bhardwaj

In a surprising move for the cloud gaming industry, Amazon Luna has decided to pull the plug on its PC and Mac applications. The decision comes as a considerable change for the platform, which initially touted its Windows and Mac apps as the optimal way to access and enjoy Luna’s gaming library. The sudden removal of these native apps was discovered when Amazon quietly removed the download links of PC and Mac apps from the Luna web app.

Amazon confirmed the decision, stating, “Customers on PCs and Macs can continue to access and play Luna from supported browsers. We saw customers were spending significantly more time playing games on Luna using their web browsers than on native PC and Mac apps. When we see customers love something, we double down.”

According to Amazon, the web app now offers the same features as the Windows and Mac apps, and the company believes in the future of cloud gaming. In order to dedicate more time and resources to innovation, Amazon has decided to sunset the Luna PC and Mac native desktop apps.

However, Amazon Luna users will still be able to access the service through other means. The Luna app for Fire TV devices will continue to receive support, ensuring seamless gaming experiences for Amazon Prime members. The Luna app is also compatible with Android TV and Google TV. For iOS and Android users, access to Amazon Luna will be available via the web.

Amazon Luna’s availability is currently limited to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Prime members enjoy the added benefit of accessing a rotating selection of Luna games for free. Additionally, Amazon offers Luna games through various channels, and PC gamers can stream games purchased on Ubisoft’s PC Game Store on Amazon Luna at no extra cost.

Despite a slower expansion compared to its competitors, Amazon remains committed to developing its cloud gaming service. Similar to Google’s Stadia, Amazon has created its own Luna controller, specifically designed to connect directly to the company’s cloud servers, reducing latency. Alternatively, gamers can still utilize Xbox or PlayStation controllers to play Luna games.

As the cloud gaming landscape continues to evolve, Amazon’s decision to discontinue its PC and Mac apps marks a significant shift in its approach. The company’s focus on web-based gaming experiences and its dedication to investing in the future of cloud gaming are indicative of Amazon Luna’s commitment to staying competitive in the rapidly growing industry.

In other news, Apple recently unveiled its highly anticipated Vision Pro headset, priced at $3,499. The revolutionary headset will include Microsoft native apps such as Word, Excel, and Teams.

Via: Thurrott