Amazon joins Microsoft and Facebook in ONNX open source AI initiative

Laurent Giret

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Amazon is the latest company to join ONNX, a new open ecosystem for interchangeable AI models that Microsoft and Facebook launched in September of this year. The addition of Amazon to the community project is a great new step in increasing interoperability in the AI tools community.

Amazon Web Services is enabling ONNX support for its Apache MXNet deep learning framework. “With ONNX format support for MXNet, developers can build and train models with other frameworks, such as PyTorch, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, or Caffe2, and import these models into MXNet to run them for inference using the MXNet highly optimized and scalable engine,” the company explained in a blog post yesterday.

In addition to Amazon Web Services, the ONNX open ecosystem is supported by an increasing list of frameworks and hardware vendors including AMD, ARM, Huawei, IBM, Intel and Qualcomm. “At Microsoft we believe bringing AI advances to all developers, on any platform, using any language, with an open AI ecosystem, will help ensure AI is more accessible and valuable to all,” the company explained.