Amazon gets in on the Surface Book discounts, offers $194 off Core i7 with Nvidia GPU

Mark Coppock

While the entire Microsoft-centric community continues to wait patiently for Build 2016 to begin, the rest of the world keeps spinning. This includes Amazon, which is usually pretty quick to match Microsoft Store deals within a few hours of their announcement. Today is no different, as Amazon follows Microsoft in offering its own deals on the popular Surface Book.

Amazon Surface Book Sale 3_28_2016
Amazon Surface Book Sale 3_28_2016.

Here’s pricing on a few of the standard configurations, which aren’t exactly the same ones that the Microsoft Store is discounting:

Intel Core i5, 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM: $1,399.00 (down from $1,499.00)

Intel Core i5, 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GPU: $1,814.03 (down from $1,899.00)

Intel Core i7, 512GB, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GPU: $2,504.99 (down from $2,699.00)

Inventory varies, but they’re all Amazon Prime eligible, so shipping will be fast and free. Head on over to Amazon if you’re in the market for a Surface Book and want an alternative to the Microsoft Store.