Amazon bumps up Surface Pro 3 price by $100, then offers $100 discount and free $100 gift card

Hammad Saleem

Amazon discounted 00 off in all Surface Pro 3 models, add a 00 gift card as well

Not too long ago, Microsoft started offering a $100 gift card with a Surface Pro 3 purchase, but if you’re looking for something more, Amazon has a similar deal for its customers — it’s not actually a better deal, but a disguise unless you look really close. The retailer lists $100 off all models of the Surface Pro 3, but if you take a close look at the listed price, Amazon lists $899 to be the regular price — $100 higher than what Surface Pro 3 costs at Microsoft Store.

So, basically they are offering a ‘discount’ on the standard price of the tablet, which was bumped up by $100, but they do have a $100 gift card which can be spent on accessories. The i3/64GB model is listed at $799 (after the $100 discount), while the most high-end model with 512GB of storage and i7 processor costs $1,949. At first glimpse it appears to be a catchy deal, but it’s the same deal as Microsoft Store with the only difference being the Amazon gift card.

Tl;dr: Buy a Surface Pro 3 from Amazon and get a $100 Amazon gift card. The “$100 discount” isn’t really a discount when you look at the actual price (which was bumped up by $100).