Amazon has a crazy good Lightning Deal bundle right now, 1TB Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition, extra controller, Turtle Beach headset for $379

Michael Cottuli

Halo 5

If you haven’t gotten an Xbox One yet, you’ve just gotten an opportunity to grab the greatest deal we’ve seen in ages. Amazon just put out a lightning sale offering up a 1TB Halo 5 Guardians Limited Edition Xbox One, an extra controller, and a Turtle Beach headset for just $379 USD. If you don’t know how good of a deal that is, rest assured: you will never see a deal that good again,

The deal is only up for 3 more hours at the time of writing and supplies are limited, so you’ve got to make up your mind quickly on this one.


Amazon Xbox One Lightning Deal
Amazon Xbox One Lightning Deal.

The limited edition console being sold here is gorgeous and usually goes for quite a bit more money than the price of the bundle all put together. The controller and the high-quality headset are both gravy, all things considered. If you haven’t gotten an Xbox One yet and you have the money available, you really shouldn’t be hesitating here.