The alleged Nokia Tesla spotted in the wild, could be Lumia 730 or 830

Hammad Saleem

Windows Phone

Microsoft is working on a number of Windows Phone handsets, which will see the light of the day in the coming months. Included in the list is the oft-leaked Nokia Tesla, which is said to be the upcoming Nokia Lumia 730/830, destined to reach AT&T when it launches.

The alleged handset was leaked earlier this month, and now, another image of the alleged handset was spotted online, running the latest Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 update announced recently. The details about the purported Nokia Tesla are scarce at the moment, but it’s rumored to come with a PureView camera on board. According to recent report, Microsoft’s Stephen Elop described it as an “affordable high-end phone.” 

There’s no word about the launch of the alleged handset, but it seems it has taken its design cues from the Lumia 930 and 630 with square edges. Anyway, take a look at the image below, and let us know about your thoughts. Any guesses?

Nokia Tesla

Update: As it appears, the image seems to be of a Lumia 1520, instead of Lumia Tesla.