Microsoft now allows Windows Phone developers to respond to their app reviews, expands PayPal payout

Joseph Finney

All Windows Phone developers can now respond to review

Today Microsoft delivers on another promise to developers. In April, Microsoft promised to enable developers to respond to reviews of their apps. Now that functionality is supported for all developers.

Previously not rolled out to all developers, the ability to address issues that users are having with apps is a important tool for developers. This should lead to more accurate and helpful reviews of apps in the Windows Phone app store. Also, developers can now ask further questions regarding bugs that users are finding in their apps.

Microsoft highlights some best practices to using this new function. These include responding to user concerns and questions, and not spamming, re-engaging, or advertising to users. To reply to reviews, developers can go to the Dev Center, select the Dashboard for Windows Phone, select an app, and see the reviews. If your account is set up properly to reply to a review, you can click the ‘Respond’ button. However, if a developer abuses this function, Microsoft can revoke their privilege.

All Windows Phone developers can now respond to review

In addition to completing the rollout of review response, Microsoft has also expanded PayPal payout. Now developers in Cyprus, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Malta, and Russia can be paid via PayPal. This should help developers to have a more flexible and reliable form of income. PayPal payout is now offered in 41 countries total.

What do you think about developers responding to reviews? Helpful or hurtful? Are you a developer excited about getting PayPal payout? Let us know in the comments below!