All three Final Fantasy 13 games are on Xbox Game Pass right now

Robert Collins

It looks like the coming weeks will be a real treat for Final Fantasy fans on Xbox, especially those who have always wanted to play the entire Fabula Nova Crystallis trilogy. That’s because with the addition to Xbox Game Pass of Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns, all three of the Final Fantasy XIII games are available to play on the service as of March 3rd.

Fabula Nova Crystallis, which roughly means “new tale of the crystals” in Latin, refers to the original FF XIII game and its two follow ups, which initially were released on Xbox 360 (alongside PS3) and are backwards compatible. While Final Fantasy XIII is often regarded as the black sheep of the series, it does at the same time have a rather dedicated following.

The fact that Game Pass subscribers can now play through the entire trilogy is an example of the incredible value offered by the service, which boasts over 100 games that players can download and play, all for just under $10 a month.

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