All new memory and custom instructions coming soon to Bing Chat

Priya Walia

Bing Chat

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Microsoft Bing, a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft, is in the spotlight for one of the most recent developments brewing under its hood – Bing Chat.

Bing’s CEO, Mikhail Parakhin, announced that his team is working on custom instructions in a “less geeky, more useful way of ‘memory.”

“Memory” in Bing Chat’s context is not the conventional usage we are accustomed to. Instead, it pertains to the chatbot’s ability to deduce from your previous queries or conversations, improving the overall user experience and response efficiency.

When a user presents a new query, Bing AI recalls their previous interactions and prompts better, more personalized search responses.

How does “Memory” tie in with “Custom Instructions”?

There is some confusion around interpreting how “memory” correlates with “custom instructions,” a feature Bing is purportedly working on.
Custom instructions suggest the possibility for users to command Bing Chat using particular instructions, creating a truly personalized browsing experience.

However, coupling that with “memory” might hint towards Bing AI adapting the custom instructions based on a user’s past interactions.

A feature like this would fall in line with Microsoft’s ambition to continually morph user experiences to be as user-centric and individually tailored as possible.

From the CEO’s Desk

The intriguing announcement was made when a curious searcher asked Microsoft, “Any chance we get custom instructions to Bing soon or is it a no-do for now?”

Mikhail Parakhin retorted with an affirmative response, hinting at the imminent launch of the feature. He stated, “Yes-do, but in a less geeky, more useful way of “memory”. Stay tuned!

While the exact timeline and specifics of this new addition to Bing Chat remain somewhat ambiguous, one thing is for certain, Microsoft is ceaselessly working to enhance its user interface. Meanwhile, you might be interested in checking out 9 unique features that set Bing Chat apart from ChatGPT.