International Skype calls into Chennai India are free in wake of devastating floods



A devastating flood is wreaking havoc in Chennai, India, caused by a record downpour in what is being called the wettest December day in more than 100 years. As a result, Microsoft is offering free international Skype calls into the area for those who need to reach their family members or friends. Here’s what Microsoft had to say:

In light of the devastating floods in Chennai – and the subsequent impact to the local communications infrastructure – with immediate effect we are making all international calls to landlines and mobiles into Tamil Nadu free of charge for the next few days.
Since we don’t know the full extent of the devastation, we want to help provide people with alternative methods of communication to reach friends and family in the region during this difficult time.

At the moment, not all calls to mobile numbers are being able to make it through, but Microsoft is actively investigating the issue.
This isn’t the first time Microsoft has offered free Skype calls during a disaster, just recently Microsoft offered free domestic and international calls to landlines and mobiles in France during the deadly Paris attacks.