All devs now have access to new Windows Store tools and features like video trailers, more

Dave W. Shanahan

Windows Store

At Build 2017, Microsoft announced a slew of new features coming to the Windows Store, allowing for more customization options for Windows 10 developers. Today, Microsoft announced that these Windows Store features are now available via the Windows Blog.
Here’s a look at the full list of features available to developers for the Windows Store in Windows 10:

  • More ways to promote your apps and drive user acquisition
  • Create more engaging Store listings with video trailers
  • Create and update Store listings faster using Import/Export
  • More ways to manage schedules, prices and sales
  • Set the precise date and time that your app should become available in the Store
  • Control your price more precisely and schedule changes
  • New sale pricing options with greater flexibility
  • View all possible price tiers in Excel
  • Debug your apps more effectively by using CAB files
  • Use Dev Center through a modern and efficient dashboard experience

Microsoft is providing developers with more control over their apps in the Windows Store than ever before with Windows 10. Developers can upload and use up to 15 trailers to promote their game or app. Additionally, Microsoft has more ways for developers can engage their users, schedule postings, and configure app pricing and sales.

Microsoft has an extensive guide of all of the resources available to developers using the Windows Store right now. Take a look at this video of what Microsoft can offer app developers right now.

What more do you want to see available in the Windows Store on Windows 10? Let us know in the comments or contact Microsoft via the Dev Center.