Alienware’s Area-51: In case your Windows gaming machince is looking bland

Staff Writer

Alienware Area-51

The Mac Pro got a pretty radical redesign lately. It went from looking like a powerful machine to a trash can. I kid, I kid. It went from looking like a normal computer with lots of room to a very sleek machine that you could put on your desk and ignore. Some people have really loved that. 

In the windows ecosystem, there wasn’t really anything like that – until now. Alienware has a new Area-51 desktop that looks a … triangle thing? I am not quite sure what it looks like, but it does look like something a lot of people could want on their desk. And it doesn’t just look pretty, the design includes benefits like the ability to have it against a wall without blocking ventilation and a better grip for moving and pivoting (which sounds forced, but it does look easier to move). 

If you’re into gaming, this thing can handle more than anything. It supports three 4k monitors, comes with the newest 6 or 8 core Intel core i7,  2133Mhz DDR4 RAM up to 32 GB, and a command center with over clocking options. If you’re wondering about upgradability, so are we; the lack of which was one of the biggest problems customers had with the Mac Pro.

We will find out more details closer to its availability, but until then feast your eyes on the just-as-crazy intro video to the Area-51 below, and more pictures here