Aia Software integrates correspondence management solution with SharePoint


• First to market with ITP for SharePoint a proven interface for centrally managed document based workflow

LONDON, 22nd November, 2010 – [url=]Aia Software[/url] (, leading global supplier of intelligent document composition software today announced its [url=]ITP (Intelligent Text Processing) document platform[/url] is now fully integrated with the latest version of [url=]Microsoft’s SharePoint[/url], a family of products offering collaboration, file sharing and web publishing. This new solution from Aia Software enables users to easily access the power of the services offered by ITP from their SharePoint web interface.

“SharePoint is an outstanding choice for document management platform, and with each version, companies gain further benefits which enhance their document management processes. We are very excited about this new ITP for SharePoint offering which extends the value of SharePoint 2010 as a complete system for correspondence,” comments Aia Software CEO, Leon Pillich.

In practical terms, for a financial services user for example, a loan request typically results in the composition of a loan contract document. During the process from initial request to the production of the final contract, various people from a variety of associated departments (e.g. finance, legal, etc.) need to contribute content and information as well as review and approve the document as it progresses from start to finish. Using [url=]ITP for SharePoint[/url], the entire process from collaborative document creation through to approval and distribution whether online or in print is centrally managed and controlled for audit and data protection purposes.

Users familiar with SharePoint will find that using this new solution from Aia Software offers additional benefits that enhance their productivity with SharePoint, a video showing the benefits can be found at:

Today users can be assured that the entire process from document creation to authorisation, can be controlled by the SharePoint ITP combination. With the ITP for SharePoint integration, document centric services can be added in SharePoint workflows. This means that post-processing actions like printing, PDF conversion and sending e-mail become automated, server-based activities. In addition, all documents can be stored in a SharePoint Document Library, thus document creation and document management are managed centrally.

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