AI might replace human interviewers, survey reveals

Priya Walia

Artificial Intelligence - AI

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As per a recent survey, a significant proportion of job interviews in the future will likely be facilitated by artificial intelligence (AI) rather than human beings. While there have been reports of job seekers utilizing AI to improve their applications and resumes, a recent ZDNet article offers insights regarding the employers’ perspective and how AI would serve their interests.

Citing a survey conducted by Resume Builder, the article reveals a surprising figure – 40% of corporate recruiters are projected to leverage AI in conducting job interviews by 2024. This underscores the growing trend of embracing technology to streamline recruitment processes and enhance efficiency.

Furthermore, expert estimates indicate that as much as 15% of recruiters are expected to adopt a fully automated approach to hiring, relying solely on AI for the complete recruitment process. A recent survey also revealed that 46% of job seekers are utilizing ChatGPT to create their application materials. Interestingly, approximately 78% of respondents have reported a higher rate of response and interview invitations from companies when using AI technology in their job application process. However, the extent to which AI is utilized remains unclear based on the report.

Resume Builder’s Chief Career Advisor, Stacie Haller, reports that corporate recruiters have expressed no dissatisfaction regarding the decision of job seekers to use ChatGPT for their cover letters and resumes. According to Haller, hiring managers have become so well-versed in these documents that they can easily discern when ChatGPT is being used.

In addition, a question has arisen regarding the value of ChatGPT Plus and whether it justifies its subscription cost. Haller explains that job seekers who employ ChatGPT for their cover letters and resumes are not any different from those utilizing standard templates and online tools or resorting to a resume-writing service. This, she asserts, makes ChatGPT Plus a worthwhile investment for job seekers seeking to improve their job prospects.

Via ZDNet