Ahead of World Water Day, Microsoft launches tool to transform the way the world uses water

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft India

In recognition of World Water Day on March 22, Microsoft is launching a new tool that will shed light on the oft-overlooked “water risk” that companies may be facing. The new Water Risk Monetizer was released today letting business owners “Assess, quantify, calculate, and inform” the risks that can be associated with high water-stress locations.

Businesses around the world understand that insufficient access to clean water can significantly disrupt business operations and growth. There’s also a wide appreciation for the growing amount of risk, as the UN predicts that global demand for water will outstrip our existing supply by 40 percent by 2040.

The Water Risk Monetizer promises to open up a conversation about water quality and availability that just isn’t spoken about very often. It’s the perfect gift to give to businesses for World Water Day and ought to help contribute to a more water efficient planet. Microsoft alone will be saving more than $140,000 in water costs every year, along with 58.3 million gallons of water.