Age of Empires celebrates 25 years with anniversary broadcast and AoE IV Anniversary Edition

Robert Collins

Age of Empires celebrates its 25th anniversary in October. And to mark this milestone there will be a special Anniversary Broadcast with announcements and interviews with the team, and more. You can tune in on October 25 at 10am PT (1pm Eastern) on the channels listed below.

Fans in China can see the stream the following day on HuyaTV, DouyuTV, and Bilibili.

Also on October 25, Xbox Game Studios will release Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition on Steam and the Microsoft Store, so be sure to check those out on release day. Those who already own Age of Empires IV will get the Anniversary Update for free. Season three will kick off that same day, bringing with it Ranked Team Games and a host of general improvements.

Newcomers and longtime fans alike are welcome to take part in celebrating the Age of Empires anniversary. It isn’t every video game series that manages to enthrall players for a quarter century. Age of Empires I-IV are all playable via PC Game Pass.