Age of Empires: Castle Siege gets Battle Chests and fixes in latest update

Laurent Giret

Age of Empire Castle Siege

The free-to-play MMO strategy game Age of Empires: Castle Siege is getting a new update on Windows and iOS devices this week. In the latest version 1.22, developer Smoking Gun is introducing Battle Chests, a new feature to reward players who perform well during battles. Here is how it works:

  • Completing battles will grant players keys they can use to open battle chests for prizes
  • layers can get up to 2 keys per battle; one key is given at 20% destruction, the other key at 60% destruction of the empire
  • Battle chests can contain resources, loot, honor items and exclusive battle chest only honor items.
  • Chests and keys earned reset every 24 hours, during which time players have a chance to open up to 9 chests!

You can get more details about the new feature in the video below:

Additionally, this new update is also bringing two new flags (Peru, South Africa) plus some fixes to game connection issues and more. The official changelog notes:

  • Fixed the bug that showed the game is available on iOS 7. The game is only available for iOS versions 8.0 and newer.
  • Fixed the bug that showed Age 9 castles in the ‘select your civilization’ screen. The screen will now show Age 10 keeps.
  • Fixed the bug where Richards inspire ability did not show an accurate description of his ability. The description now indicates that Richard’s inspire ability effects foot soldiers and not infantry units.
  • Optimized game connection

Age of Empires: Castle Siege is a pretty addictive game, and we bet the addition of exclusive honor items can really push players to improve their battling skills. If you didn’t try it yet, you can get the game from the download links below.

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