Age of Empires: Castle Siege fixes loads of bugs in latest update

Brad Stephenson

Age of Empires: Castle Siege on Windows 10

Age of Empires: Castle Siege has just updated with Patch 1.20 and a lot of bugs and refinements have been made. Here’s the official release notes for the update which should now be available on iOS, Windows 10, and Windows 10 Mobile devices;

  • Fixed the bug where some players found Edward’s ability was not working in battle. Edward’s dismantle ability will now work consistently in battle.
  • Fixed the bug where raiders would occasionally attack the wall instead of going through breaches in walls or cultural buildings.  Raiders will now go through breaches.
  • Fixed the bug with training scenarios being too easy after defensive changes made in in game. The training scenarios will now correspond to the defensive changes made previously in the game.
  • Fixed the bug where a handful of players were exposed to matchmaking while scouting a revenge opponent, or searching for an opponent if their time bucket was up. Players will no longer be exposed to matchmaking in these circumstances.
  • Fixed the bug with historical campaigns in game being too easy after adjusting defense in the game. The historical campaigns will now align with the recently adjusted defense.
  • Fixed the iOS bug where a handful of users were getting the error message “Application is not recognized by Gamecenter”. iOS users will no longer get this error message.
  • Fixed the building listed in the Kievan Rus civilization objective to the correct building: the Palace of Facets.
  • Improved game mechanics
  • Improved game connection

After the update, internet connectivity does appear to be a lot faster with opponents’ maps loading heaps quicker than before. The Raiders do still seem to be a bit glitchy though as, immediately after playing a game after the update downloaded, all my Raiders ran into a wall and tried to attack it instead of the farm full of resources directly to their right.

The Castle Siege developers recently revealed that they would be bringing Age X (Age 10) to the game in a larger future update but there is no news on this beyond the following message, “Our team is hard at work on Age X, and we have no further news to share about this at this time.”

Do you enjoy playing Castle Siege? Let us know what age you’re up to in the comments below.