Advertising with Bing just got easier with the new desktop ad editor

Joseph Finney

Advertising with Bing just got easier with the new desktop ad editor

Crafting advertising campaigns has been easier now than ever before with the advent of online marketing, but Microsoft has made it even easier with updates to their Bing Ads Editor tool. This tool enables companies to craft ad campaigns using specific keywords, location, etc to display image or text ads to their potential customers. Powerful tools are necessary to slice through the noise and target customers who are interested in your product or service. Bing has enough market share in the US to entice companies to keep their competition from getting any advantage.

Refining the UI helps keep users fast and efficient

Online advertising in essential for established companies to keep their reputation in the digital world of advertising. They also play a big role when it comes to start-ups gaining traction with new customers. Bing wants to make the process of creating and maintaining advertising campaigns easy and fast. Microsoft understands they are the underdog in search market share so they need to focus on keeping their advertising story relevant and current. Below is a list of the changes coming in version 10.7 to the Bing Ads Editor:

  • Editable keyword text
  • Improved Get/Post changes
  • Radius targets now under location targeting grid
  • Logout ability
  • Usability improvements

Adjusting an existing campaign saves time and keeps ads up-to-date with fast moving internet trends. Companies who wish to stay ahead of their competitors will now be able to edit their keyword text to use relevant trends and drop possible damaging connections. These new tools also give granular control over campaigns to be updated and changed on a campaign by campaign basis.

Making relevant ads often has to do with location of searches, and this new Bing Ads Editor has improved tools for picking where exactly an ad campaign is targeted. Hopefully these changes will help companies target their customers more efficiently and consumers will see more relevant and helpful ads.