Adventure thriller game OXENFREE coming to Xbox One and Windows in January

Vu Anh Nguyen

There is a new video on the Xbox channel that happens to be another trailer for the upcoming horror adventure game, OXENFREE. The game is scheduled to hit the Xbox One and Windows 10 in January 2016.
Developed by Night School Studio, whose members include veterans from Telltale Games and Disney, OXENFREE is a side-scrolling supernatural teen thriller with paranormal elements. The game features a teen girl protagonist Alex, her stepbrother Jonas and a group of friends as their overnight party off the coast of their hometown goes wrong, and a ghostly portal is opened.

The trailer introduced us to some of the game landscapes, all beautifully hand-drawn with a soothing color palette. All the characters are rendered in 3D, and there is an inventive mechanics where dialogues would be presented in speech bubbles, giving the game a nostalgic comic book feel. Alex brings to the island with her an old radio, which plays a crucial part in gameplay and story, and its uses are also showcased in a variety of situation.
With a strong development backbone and a great premise, OXENFREE is shaping up to be another strong offering in Microsoft’s game roster. Stay tuned for upcoming news regarding the game and more.