Advanced Threat Protection helps keep your email safe in Office 365

Mark Coppock

Office 365

Microsoft has been focusing a great deal on security for quite some time now, resulting in products like Windows 10 that the company says is better able to protect users from unauthorized access. Office 365 is another strategic Microsoft product that also touts its high security, and Microsoft recently produced a video letting us know one of the various means by which the company protects your data.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) focuses on malicious email attachments and URLs, providing the following protections:

– Protection against unknown malware/viruses.
– Real-time, time-of-click protection against malicious URLs.
– Rich reporting and URL trace capabilities.

The video provides a quick overview of how ATP helps to protect your email:

We’re very happy to see Microsoft paying more attention to security in Windows 10 and Office 365. It’s a dangerous world out there, and the more tools we have to keep our information safe, the better.