Ads for Microsoft 365 appear for some Office 2021 users

Abhinav Fating

Ads for Microsoft 365 appear for some Office 2021 users

Microsoft is showing ads for Microsoft 365 to Office 2021 users, offering discounts for Microsoft 365 Family plan subscriptions.

Microsoft Azure Security’s Principal Security Architect Lee Holmes also shared a screenshot showing the advertisement displayed as an alert bar under the Office Menu. As per the Bleeping Computer report, several users have reported seeing these ads, starting on August 10.

The screenshot clearly shows that Microsoft tagged this advertisement as a “Limited Offer” allowing users to get “90 days of Microsoft 365 Family plan for only $0.99”. And the interesting thing is that Microsoft uses differently worded buttons, promoting users to click on the button to get great discounts on subscriptions.

Other Office users have seen a slightly different advertisement saying “For Just $0.99, get 90 days of Microsoft 365 Family Plan and share with up to five people, Terms Apply”.

Microsoft’s not the first time showing promotional ads in the Office apps or other Windows apps. Two years ago the company has also shown promotional ads in the menu bar for the Windows 10 Wordpad application.  Microsoft also displayed ads in the Windows 11 File Explorer, although it later called those just “an experiment.”

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