ADR1FT no longer coming to Xbox One, says Three One Zero CEO

Jack Wilkinson

Back in July, we reported that space exploration game, ADR1FT, could be arriving on Xbox One. This reigned true, initially, as the game had promotional material and mentions of Xbox One throughout, as well as arriving for PC and PS4.

Now, however, it has been confirmed that ADR1FT for Xbox One has been cancelled (via NGN) and that the game will only be available on PC and PS4, not the Xbox One. For those wanting to explore space with ADR1FT, you’ll need to have a PC or PS4 to play.

CEO Adam Orth of the development company behind the game, Three One Zero, gave a brief statement on the cancellation and officially confirmed it:

ADR1FT will not be coming to Xbox One. I hope [fans] are able to find some way to experience and enjoy it on our other platforms.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the cancellation of ADR1FT for Xbox One.