Most of Adobe's design apps are now touch-friendly

Hammad Saleem

Last year, Adobe said that they are working on touch-friendly versions of its design apps such as the Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. for Windows users. Some of the apps do have some touch-based features already, but most of the core design apps didn’t support them until now. Yesterday, at the company’s MAX event, Adobe announced that a number of its core design apps are now touch-friendly for Windows users.
This should give a sigh of relief for the users in possession of the Surface line up as well as other Windows based PCs and laptops which ships with touch input.
In a blog post, Adobe said

Today, we’re announcing brand new Touch Workspaces in our most popular Creative Cloud desktop apps. InDesign users will be able to create layouts with the Touch Workspace. In the video apps, you will scrub clips, drag and drop them into the Timeline, navigate between panels in a group and more – all through touch gestures. And in Photoshop, we’ve refined the touch experience so you can perform many of common tasks more quickly.

This is a great time for Adobe to announce the new touch-based features for Windows users. Microsoft has a big event in a few hours where the company is also expected to announce the Surface Pro 4.