Adobe XD February Update brings Windows 10 pen and touch support, more

Arif Bacchus

Adobe today announced several updates for the Adobe XD UWP app on Windows 10. Not only does the app pick up Windows 10 pen and touch support, but it also gets several enhancements which help make it even more powerful.

Everyone is invited to see all the new features in action during Adobe Live from February 13-15, but the most important change is support for pen and touch in Windows 10. Users can now take advantage of their pen or touch surface to interact with XD’s UI and tools, create artwork on canvas, navigate through layers, and more.

The rest of the month’s updates are all about performance boosts, integrating workflows with third-party integrations, and other enhancements to vector graphics, the eyedropper, and scrolling. The list below (penned by Adobe’s Jonathan Pimento) summarizes the other big changes coming with the update this month.

  • Using vector graphics you can now reuse vector content from Illustrator and Adobe Stock with XD.
  • You can now drag and drop a vector graphic from the CC Library window onto the canvas to place it as a linked vector graphic.
  • With linked graphics, you can right click on the thumbnail in the CC Library window and select edit in the context menu. This will open the graphic in Illustrator and allow you to make edits to the graphic.
  • You now have a simple way to communicate a change to a specific area of a screen for which you earlier had to scroll to view.
  • We clearly understand that having access to the eyedropper both in the property inspector and color picker is absolutely essential to work quickly. With this release, we are reintroducing the eyedropper in the property inspector as well
  • This month, we made a few enhancements to commenting on prototypes, which makes it easier to add comments and pin them to a specific part of the design.

Some of the other Adobe apps— Lightroom CC and Classic Lightroom— also had update announcements today. Lightroom CC picks up “internal beauty” focused features, and Classic Lightroom is seeing significant performance enhancements and features to optimize photography workflows. Do you like these updates? Let us know your thoughts below.