Adobe wants to personalize marketing with the help of HoloLens

Kit McDonald

During the Adobe Summit 2017 taking place this week, the company announced that it is looking to revolutionize consumer experience with the help of the augmented reality headset Microsoft HoloLens.

As GeekWire reports, Adobe has invested in artificial intelligence and machine learning, resulting with Adobe Sensei. The platform recognizes faces, makes predictions, and creates elements in photos based its technology. Essentially, it analyzes data to the point of personalization with customers, especially when it comes to virtual reality.

It is with this technology on the Adobe Experience Cloud that the company wants to step forward in the marketing industry. By incorporating the Microsoft HoloLens, users will be able to take a glance at a product to access statistics they are interested in. Furthermore, marketers could use the data from these interactions to know which products are generating the most interest, what path they make through the store, and more ways to better improve their business.

Similarly, Adobe wants to take advantage of Alexa’s open source. This way, consumers could ask personal questions about a product or airline, receiving customized responses from the Amazon digital assistant. The article notes that Adobe plans make sure that privacy is a priority.

The Adobe Summit is still underway and you can catch it over on their website.