Adobe takes in customer suggestions for upcoming Photoshop CS6


Adobe is offering another “sneak peek” at the company’s upcoming release of it’s flagship digital imaging software, Photoshop CS6. The company is addressing numerous feature requests from Photoshop users and one of them deals with preset management, which the company gives us a sneak peek of.

Since many Photoshop users spend time collecting and organizing their presets to their liking, but when it comes time to upgrade to a newer version of Photoshop, migrating preset settings to the newer version can be difficult. Adobe is working on a new way to help migrate all your presets, work-spaces, preferences, and settings. Users can even export this information for use on another computer.

Photoshop users will now have an easier way to work with layers as well as easil change the color labels for multiple layers at one time. Contact Sheet and PDF Presentation are two features that will be brought back in Photoshop CS6.

Adobe is also focusing on its users by listening to what they want. In a new “sneak peek” video, Adobe states, “Thank you for your feedback and please keep them coming.” Users can submit suggestions and feature requests to Adobe by visiting the Photoshop CS6 feedback website.

Photoshop CS6 is set for release around May of 2012 and feature several new features and a new interface.