Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements coming to the Windows Store

Sean Cameron


As revealed by Microsoft at Build 2015 today, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements are coming to the Windows Store. Against the wider backdrop of Win32 applications coming to the Windows Store, Photoshop was shown running on Windows 10. In something of an odd turn, in order to demonstrate the software, the program was used to place Joe Belfiore’s famous barnet on Scott Guthrie’s less lush scalp, with humorous results.

Both Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements will be making their way to the Windows Store with the debut of Windows 10 later this summer. In a conference packed with announcements designed to boost the enterprise and developer credentials of Microsoft’s various software services, this will no doubt come as a pleasant revelation for the many design and photography professionals around the globe who rely strongly on Adobe’s suite.

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