Adobe MAX conference coincides with Microsoft October 6th event

Staff Writer

The world is a big place, so it’s not exactly groundbreaking that two software giants could schedule major events in the same week. October 6th is Microsoft’s hotly anticipated Windows 10 devices reveal event in New York City, which will be live streamed online and through the Xbox platform. During the same week, Adobe will be having its inspiring annual MAX conference in Los Angeles, where over 5500 creative professionals in the industry will congregate to discuss the future of digital creativity. The event features two conferences: a pre-conference held on October 3rd-4th, and a full conference, held from October 5th-7th. Both conferences are quite expensive, starting at $1595 for standard attendees and shooting up to $1995 depending on what bundle you purchase.
Although both events are unrelated in nature, there is significant overlap between the agendas of both companies, enough so that the MAX event’s biggest sponsor is none other than the Microsoft Surface team itself.
Given the Surface Pro’s disposition as the premier mobile productivity and creative device, the Surface team has a vested interest in partnering with Adobe. Onlookers need only witness this video demo to grasp why.

The Surface Pro’s biggest selling point is being able to run the highest grade of professional applications in a sleek, portable, pen-enabled powerhouse device, and Adobe is looking to leverage that. Last year, Adobe optimized its flagship offerings with a touch-based UI for the Surface Pro’s high-DPI display. This year, Adobe brought even more advancements to Photoshop.
Of particular note is the MAX Sneaks event, which takes place the evening of October 6th. Sneaks is a sneak peak at some of the juicy ongoing development hidden in Adobe’s labs. It showcases cutting edge creative technologies that may or may not be incorporated into future products and services. It is one of the more highly anticipated events of the conference, and given the immaculate timing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the vaunted Surface Pro 4 featured in the upcoming demos.
The MAX conference also features a Community Pavilion on the evenings of the 5th and 6th, where attendees have the opportunity to mingle with not only industry professionals and Adobe employees, but also its sponsors. As reported yesterday, VAIO is a sponsor of the MAX conference and will feature its VAIO Z Canvas premium creative hybrid for discerning attendees to take for a test drive.
As reported previously on multiple occasions, Microsoft is said to be working closely with Adobe in strengthening both of their cloud offerings, It will be exciting to see the fruits of their labors, if any, on the pivotal first week of October.