Adobe Experience Design CC will soon be a Universal Windows 10 app

Michael Cottuli

Adobe Experience Design CC (Also known as Adobe XD and, previously, Project Comet) is finally making its way to Windows 10 after a fairly long wait from users who have had their eye on it for a while. The app has been available as a preview on Mac for a while, with a Windows version promised later in 2016. Andrew Shorten, Product Manager at Adobe, has just put out this tweet confirming that Adobe Experience Design CC is still on track for 2016 release. Answering a question from Twitter user @Farshadatis, Andrew also confirmed that the app is going to be releasing as a UWP app.

For those unfamiliar with Adobe Experience Design CC, it’s basically a WYSIWYG interface for designing the user experience for an app. By using simple drag-and-drop mechanics to simplify some of the more complex features of UX design, Adobe Experience Design CC offers a valuable interface for people who may be new to app development, or just want to cut out some of the UX design headaches in favor of something that’s a bit more user friendly. Hopefully, we get some new information regarding the exact release window of the app soon – right now, all we know is that it’s coming late 2016.