Adobe Cloud subscribers can receive £400 off a Surface Pro 3

Sean Michael

If you’re a subscriber to the Adobe Creative Cloud and are in the market for a new PC, make sure you check your email. This morning there was a promotion sent out to subscribers to receive £400 off of a Surface Pro 3. Unfortunately, the discount only applies to the highest end version-the i7 model with 512GB of storage — which even after the discount comes in at £1360.

Adobe has one of the industry standard set of programs for editing everything from pictures, to audio, to video. It is a higher end set of programs that can command a lot of RAM, so many users that run part or all of the Adobe suite will likely be looking into a higher end Surface Pro 3.

The Surface Pro 3 and Adobe products already work well together as Adobe has worked with Microsoft to create a more touch friendly experience. While the lower spec Surface Pros are priced low enough to compete with middle tier PCs and devices, the highest end Surface Pro 3s are generally overpowered for the average user and that power comes at a price. The Surface Pro 3 more than any of its Surface siblings has been branded as a tablet that can replace your laptop rather than a tablet/laptop hybrid. The pairing with the Adobe suite and the discounted price to Adobe cloud subscribers is an alluring promotion while it lasts.