AdDuplex: Windows Phone 8.1 running on almost 47 percent of devices, with new OEMs appearing

Hammad Saleem

AdDuplex: Windows Phone 8.1 running on almost 47 percent devices, with new OEMs showing up

The folks at AdDuplex, an app advertising agency, have released their statistics for Windows Phone for the month of October. The latest report highlights the progress of Windows Phone devices, and the operating system itself. Interestingly, Windows Phone 8.1 has finally surpassed Windows Phone 8, and resides at 46.7 percent from 39.1 percent last month. This is not just because of the new devices, but Microsoft has released the latest Windows Phone 8.1 update globally for most of its existing devices as well. Windows Phone 8 drops to 36 percent, while the older Windows Phone 7 is still running on 16.6 percent of devices.

Additionally, we’ve seen over fifty hardware manufacturers jumping on the Windows Phone bandwagon, targeting their regional markets with budget-friendly Windows Phone handsets. When it comes to handsets, the good old Lumia 520 is still the leading Windows Phone handset globally despite seeing a drop in its market share from 30.6 percent to 26.9 percent.

AdDuplex: Windows Phone 8.1 running on almost 47 percent devices, with new OEMs showing up

The top 10 Windows Phone devices all Lumias, but we’ve seen some devices rise up to the top. Lumia 630 continues to rise, and now on the third place with 6.4 percent market share worldwide, thanks to its good performance not just in the US, but in several other regions across the globe.

As far as the Windows Phone manufacturers are concerned, there’s nothing too surprising here. It’s still dominated by Nokia whose devices division is now under the software giant. HTC and Samsung have seen a slight increase, but AdDuplex mentions the “Others” section is the most interesting one, rising from 0.03 percent to 0.08 percent, mostly because of a number of new OEMs adopting Windows Phone as their operating system. 

In the US, Lumia 520 and 521 continues to dominate the Windows Phone market, but they’ve seen a sharp decline of almost 6.9 percent combined. The recently-announced Lumia 630 and 635 are gaining momentum as well with 11.1 and 4.8 percent market share respectively. 

Head over to the VIA link below to read the complete report.