AdDuplex: Windows Phone 8.1 running on 57.9 percent of devices, Lumia 635 rises to the top ten

Hammad Saleem

AdDuplex, Windows Phone 8.1 running on 57.9 percent of devices, Lumia 635 rises to the top ten

AdDuplex has released the latest figures for the month of December, revealing information about the adoption of the latest Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, as well as the Windows Phone handsets which are popular among the masses. The good news is, Microsoft is trying to make sure its latest operating system is running on as many devices as possible.

As per the latest figures, Windows Phone 8.1 is running on 57.9 percent of devices in the wild, rising from 50.8 percent when compared to last month. Many existing Lumia devices are running Windows Phone 8.1, with many new handsets launching with the latest version of it pre-installed. There are still 27.1 percent devices worldwide which are still stuck on Windows Phone 8.0, while the remaining 15 percent of devices are still on Windows Phone 7.x.

There are no surprises as far as manufacturers are concerned. Nokia, whose devices division is now a part of Microsoft, continues to lead the charts with 95.51 percent, while HTC and Samsung is on the second and third spot with 2.76 and 0.98 percent respectively. The only interesting thing when it comes to manufacturers is the “Others” section which grew by 50 percent since last month, thanks to all the budget-friendly devices from manufacturers in developing markets. 

The most interesting bit is the devices, where Lumia 520 is still the most commonly used Windows Phone device with 25.4 percent falling from 26.3 percent. Lumia 630 continues to rise with an 8.1 percent of devices with Lumia 635 making it to the top ten devices with 3.1 percent market share. All the top ten devices are from Nokia with only Lumia 710 being the Windows Phone 7 powered device.

Surprisingly, some new devices are also spotted by the folks at AdDuplex. There’s a Microsoft Lumia device with a model number RM-1068, but don’t get too excited, it’s a budget-friendly device with a 4-inch display, seen exclusively in Brazil. There’s another entry-level device spotted, this time, from LG with a model number LGVW820. 

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