Windows Phone 8.1 continues momentum, Lumia 630 and 635 sees growth, and more stats for July 2014


AdDuplex for July 2014: Windows Phone 8.1 continues to grow, Lumia 520 remains the most popular Windows Phone handset

As the month of July approaches its end, it’s time to take a look at how Windows Phone, and its concerning carriers and manufacturers, fared this month. According to the latest AdDuplex data, the Lumia 52x lineup has continued its dominance by being at the top of the chart. Whereas, the penetration of Windows Phone 8.1 has also shown significant growth.

Microsoft started rolling out Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan updates earlier this month, as a result of which there has been a 4.9 percent drop in Windows Phone 8 share, and 4.2 percent surge in Windows Phone 8.1 penetration. Windows Phone 8 now boots 70.4 percent Windows Phone handsets, whereas Windows Phone 8.1 has touched the double digit for the first time, going up to 11.9 percent. Surprisingly, Windows Phone 7.x too has shown 0.7 percent growth.

Among Windows Phone OEMs, Nokia continues an unprecedented lead, powering 94.5 percent of all Windows Phone devices. HTC sits second with 3.7 percent, whereas Samsung has 1.1 percent market share. HTC could definitely see some growth with its rumored HTC One (W8) launch.

In the United States, Nokia Lumia 521 is still the most popular Windows Phone handset. Second to the list is Nokia Lumia 520 — which is the most popular Windows Phone handset worldwide.

Among carriers, AT&T still rules the market with 34.2 percent share, whereas T-Mobile has 21.8 percent penetration. Cricket seems to have changed several of the equations. The carrier has managed to lure in 7.3 percent of market in quite a short period of time.

Coming to other parts of the world, the Lumia 520 has managed its dominance in Germany, Argentina, Hungary, and France. Microsoft might want to do some better promotions in Argentina, as Lumia 710 is still running on a large chunk of devices.

Coming to India — a nation which has tremendously supported the platform, Windows Phone is the second largest smartphone operating system in the country. While the Lumia 520 has over 36 percent of market share, the recently launched Lumia 630 — the dual SIM capable smartphone — is up to a good start.

The data has also managed to capture several new Windows Phone handsets in the wild. One of the three devices seems to be Lumia 730 — which Microsoft is planning to call Lumia Tesla. The report also has spotted Windows Powered HTC and LG smartphones. LG D635 sports a 5-inch display with 720P screen resolution, while, the other device looks to be HTC One (W8).