AdDuplex report confirms new Lumia devices and shows little change elsewhere

Sean Michael

Over five thousand applications are used to gather data for the AdDuplex statistical reports. This latest report is up to date as of September 21st and gives a good glimpse of what’s performing well in the Windows Phone universe. There aren’t too many surprises but the market share of Windows 10 Mobile is very high for a software that hasn’t even been released yet. Here’s just a few highlights of their latest report.
Unreleased devices: AdDuplex gives us some of the most concrete evidence of new devices being real. Their reports show that these devices are being used in the real world and are already running. As expected, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are running about. We expect to see those announced at Microsoft’s October 6th event in only a couple weeks so there are probably a few test devices out there.
There is also a device that we reported on earlier which is likely the Lumia 750. We’re taking an educated guess that this device is the Lumia 750 because as AdDuplex points out, the 720p 5” screen is too low in quality to be a Lumia 830 successor.
Another device, quite possibly the Xiaomi MI4, was tracked by AdDuplex as well. They spotted a device labelled “XIAOMITEST” which they point out means the device won’t be released anytime soon. This test device has a 1080p 4.9” screen which is similar to the screen of the Android version.
Operating system usage: As expected, Windows Phone 8.1 dominates this category at 79% of the world’s Windows Phone users. What’s higher than one might expect is the 4.7% of users on Windows 10 Mobile. This means that almost one in twenty Windows Phone users is on preview software, which is a curious stat. Windows Phone 8.0 and Windows Phone 7.x hold 10.1% and 6.1% respectively.


Microsoft still controls the market: Despite other OEMs coming into the Windows Phone arena, Microsoft/ Nokia constitute 96.89% of all users. BLU has 0.21% making the least used named OEM but considering the competition of Microsoft and other OEMs shows that some people are buying their new devices. HTC comes in second place at 1.41%.
No change at the top for devices: The top six Windows Phone devices are in the same order that they’ve been in for a while. The Lumia 520 (16.1%), 630 (9.5%), 535 (9.4%), 635 (7.4%), 530 (5.4%), and 625 (5.1%) round out the top six.
AdDuplex also has region specific stats for quite a few countries including the United States, Canada, The UK, Spain, Poland, Nigeria, and India. By the end of the year these stats could be quite different since Microsoft is rumored to be releasing multiple new Windows 10 Mobile devices as well as their new operating system.