AdDuplex Windows device stats: HP regains the top spot with Surface RT still number one

Hammad Saleem

Surface Pro 3

Update: AdDuplex made an error in the report, Microsoft resides at the second spot with 14.75 percent, they confirmed on Twitter.

AdDuplex releases data every month which shows how good Windows and Windows Phone devices are performing, along with any surprising bits which may pop up in their data such as unreleased devices, etc. Recently, the company released their Windows 8 devices data for the month of September. 

“This report is based on data collected from 941 Windows Store apps running AdDuplex SDK. The raw data analyzed was collected over the day of September 22nd, 2014 unless otherwise stated,” says AdDuplex.

Starting off with the devices, Surface RT still reigns supreme when it comes to Windows devices albeit its falling market share. The tablet has a market share of 9.82 percent, followed by the Microsoft’s Surface 2 and HP 15, which have 2.41 and 2.37 percent share, respectively. It’s also worth mentioning that Surface Pro 3 is also closing in on the original Surface Pro with a 0.92 percent market share — the original one resides at 0.93 percent. Other than that, there are the likes of Asus Transformer Book T100, HP 2000, Dell Inspiron 3521, and more. 

As for the manufacturers, HP has regained the top spot with a 19.85 percent market share, with Dell as the runner-up with a 12.70 percent. Microsoft has fallen to the fourth spot when it comes to Windows manufacturers. 

When it comes to Microsoft devices, Surface RT is still the most commonly used one with a 66.59 percent share, Surface 2 is second with 16.33 percent, while the original Surface Pro is at the third spot with 6.28 percent. It appears as if Surface Pro 3 is also up to a good start, surpassing Surface Pro 2. These are based on worldwide usage statistics, but if you take a look at how Microsoft devices are performing in the US, then you’ll notice Surface Pro 3 to be in the top three, with the top two contenders being the same.