AdDuplex: Lumia 630 enters the top ten, Windows Phone 8.1 rolling out to more devices

Hammad Saleem

Lumia 630

Every month, the folks at AdDuplex release a report, outlining the performance of Windows Phone and smartphones in various markets across the globe. Unlike last month, there’s nothing too exciting in this report but we do have Lumia 630 climbing up the ladder, surpassing the good old Lumia 820 to take the eighth spot with 3.5 percent market share.

Lumia 520 continues to be the king worldwide with 30.2 percent market share, followed by the Lumia 625 and 920 who are at 7 and 6.3 percent, respectively. The high-end Lumia 930 has moved up to number 28th, but it still has a long way to go to enter the top ten list. As far as the operating system version is concerned, Windows Phone 8.1 is on the rise, currently residing at 24.4 percent compared to 11.9 percent last month.

Microsoft has rolled out the Lumia Cyan update for most of the popular Windows Phone handsets, with more to follow in the coming weeks. On the other hand, Windows Phone 8 continues to be on top with 56.5 percent, but the pace at which Microsoft is releasing the update, it shouldn’t be long before Windows Phone 8.1 claims the top spot.

As expected, Nokia is still the largest Windows Phone manufacturer. HTC and several low-end OEMs have released there Windows Phone handsets, but it’s going to take a lot of time for them to see a sharp rise in their market share for Windows Phone.

In the US, Lumia 521 and 520 continues to dominate with over 50 percent market share in the region. It’s also interesting to see Lumia 630 on the forth spot with 5.2 percent in the US. Similar to last month, AT&T and T-Mobile are in the top two, but it’s worth mentioning that Cricket Wireless has been spotted in the list of carriers, with an increase of 3.6 percent compared to last month.

Head over to the source link below to view how Windows Phone handsets are performing in other markets as well.