AdDuplex drops Windows Phone stats, shows Windows 10 uptake in latest report

Laurent Giret


AdDuplex released today their latest Windows Device Statistics Report for the month of March 2017, which this time focuses on Windows 10 PC brands by country, Surface model popularity in the US and Anniversary Update velocity. That’s right, the state of Windows Phone is not covered in this new report, and it’s not clear yet if it will come back in the future.

As usual, the data comes from devices running Windows Store apps using the AdDuplex SDK, which means that it’s a sampling and not a true picture of Windows 10 machines in the market. That being said, it’s always interesting to track the company’s data and see some trends taking shape months over months.

To begin, the cross-promotion network for Windows Store apps and games shared an update on the top Windows 10 PC manufacturers worldwide. This month, AdDuplex noted minor changes in the top 10, which is still led by HP (24.3%), Dell (15%) and Lenovo (11.8%). Below the 10% bar, we find other Asian manufacturers such as Asus, Acer, Samsung and Medion, and Microsoft ranked #7 with a 2.5% market share.

AdDuplex Windows 10 PC manufacturers march 2017

Looking at Windows 10 PCs brand by country, AdDuplex saw that HP is the top American manufacturer in the US, UK, Germany and Russia. Interestingly, Dell ranked #2 in the US and #4 in the UK, but it’s the top manufacturer in Brazil according to AdDuplex’s data. As for Microsoft, its market share remains below 3% in the US, UK and Germany and the company is absent from the top 10 in Russia and Brazil.

AdDuplex Windows 10 PC Brands by country March 2017

As for the popularity of Surface Devices in the US, AdDuplex noted that the Surface Pro 4 is still the most popular model with a 34.4 market share, followed by the Surface Pro 3 (27.4%) and the Surface 3 (13.9 %). “Surface Pro 4 is still number one in the US, but with a smaller lead than worldwide,” added the company. “Surface Book is slightly more popular in the US as well -7.5% vs 6.3% worldwide.”

AdDuplex Surface devices US March 2017

Lastly, AdDuplex’s data reveals that the Anniversary Update is now running on 91.2% of all PCs from its sample. Looking at the velocity of the Anniversary Update rollout, the company saw a significant uptick two months after the release of the update, where we went from 35% to 80% of PCs running the new version in a month. “This should give us an estimage of how fast we should expect Creators Update to rollout and a benchmark to compare to later on,” explained the company.

AdDuplex Windows 10 Anniversary velocity, March 2017

“This is, likely, the last snapshot of the Windows 10 ecosystem before Creators Update is released to the masses,” added AdDuplex. As a reminder, Microsoft is expected to start rolling out the Creators Update to select PCs on April 11, and Windows Insiders have already received what’s reported to be the RTM build, 15063.