AdDuplex brings ad monetization opportunities to Windows 10 apps

Arif Bacchus

As of June 2016, there are currently over 669,000 apps in the Windows Store, but one fundamental problem for Windows Store game and app developers is finding a way to make money off these apps. As a result, AdDuplex is taking the matter into their own hands and is working to bring ad monetization opportunities to Windows 10 apps.

While AdDuplex has long cross-promoted apps in their network, they are now making moves to introduce their own ad placement network. A pilot for the program has been in place over the last few months, and it has proven to be a success, with most apps and games in the pilot program making thousands of dollars per month.

With success in mind, AdDuplex is expanding the program to address issues app developers and advertisers are facing. While the program will still be invite-only, anyone will be invited to apply to join.  Criteria considered for the program will include:

  • Apps and games capable of showing 10,000+ ad impressions daily. The reason is simple – we want you to make at least few hundred dollars a month. We realize that you may have several smaller apps, so this criteria is not set in stone.
  • No “gray area” content. Some of the most popular apps, unfortunately, balance on the edge of legality and quite often cross over it. Advertisers don’t want to advertise there. We will not go deep analyzing whether what you do is legal or not, but if it feels questionable we will have to pass this time.
  • Good ad placement. This is subjective and you may not be showing ads right now at all, but we would like to provide value to advertisers, so they are happy to continue generating revenue for you.
  • Windows Phone 8 or Windows 10 (both Mobile and Desktop). As we want you to make money, we need to be realistic – there isn’t much demand on WP7 or Windows 8.x on the desktop.

What are your thoughts on this latest intuitive by the folks over at AdDuplex?? How would you go about monetizing your apps if you were a developer? As always, let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below!