AdDuplex adds another new product with crowdsourcing app AppStretch

Laurent Giret

Back in January, cross-promotion ad network AdDuplex teased that it was working on AppStretch, a new crowdsourcing system designed to help independent app and game developers crowdsource app ideas and crowd-promote their availability. After being available in early access for a few months, AdDuplex has just announced on the company’s blog that AppStretch is now available to all developers.

The service currently supports apps in the Windows Store, the Google Play Store and the iOS and Mac App Store, while support for other stores will be added in the future. Here is how it works:

Developers direct their loyal fans to AppStretch to provide ideas for the features they’d like to see in the future versions and vote by pledging support with either money or promotion via their social networks accounts. Based on these feature requests, or their own ideas, developers can launch crowdfunding campaigns to collect support for the implementation and derisk their time investment. Every developer can join and start improving their apps with moral, social and financial support of their community.

AdDuplex also shared on its blog post that using AppStretch on its own AppRaisin over the last few weeks allowed the team to collect 30 feature requests from the community. Similar experiments by developers of news reader app Newsflow and movements tracking app Sensie allowed both teams to gather useful feedback to improve their apps.

AppStretch allows developers to easily gather feature requests from users.
AppStretch allows developers to easily gather feature requests from users.

If you’re interested by AppStretch, you can sign up right now on the dedicated website. Last, AdDuplex will reward early adopters who join and verify ownership of their app before June 1st, 2016 by not taking a commission on their first crowdfunding campaign. The team will also gift one select early adopter with a MacBook Pro or Surface Book (you can read the full details over here) Please tell us in the comments if you think AppStretch could help developers improve their apps.