Additional lawsuits popping up involving Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade tactics

Michael Cottuli

Windows 10 Sign Logo NYC

User’s have had access to Windows 10 for about a year now, and it’s finally coming to the time where some people aren’t going to be able to upgrade for free any longer. As that time approaches, you’d think that you might see an end to hearing about people throwing fits over Microsoft’s free upgrade campaign. As it so happens, however, there are still a few holdouts who are upset about getting their computers upgraded.

Microsoft has received two more lawsuits, this time coming from a trio of Florida men and a court in Haifa, Israel. The Florida group claims that the upgrade campaign broke laws having to do with “unsolicited electronic advertisements,” and the Israel suit is attempting to get class-action status with the accusation that Microsoft’s upgrade campaign broke Israeli computer laws.

In response, Microsoft has said they “believe the plaintiffs’ claims are without merit and we are confident we’ll be successful in court.” With rollback being available for 31 days after the upgrade takes place and a “decline free offer” button being easily accessible through the update process, it’s hard to imagine how Microsoft could have anything to worry about here. We’ll be keeping an eye on how these lawsuits progress – if they end up going anywhere at all.